Make your weekly coaching sessions a priority in your life – Put them into your day planner and only let a true emergency be the cause for a cancellation or reschedule. Accountability is a key factor in losing weight.

Double check that you are journaling properly – putting the weights of food, times you eat, and how you prepared food can help your coach identify necessary changes to help you lose weight.

Continue to weigh and measure your foods during your entire program. Members can get complacent with weighing and measuring believing they had done it so long they can “eyeball” amount. When members are not losing and we find out they are not measuring, they are shocked at how “off” they were from the proper amounts.

If your weight loss stalls, increase the intensity of your workout to jump start your weight loss.

Make sure you use your condiments each day. Condiments not only help food taste better but non fat jello late at night might just be the thing to get your through a craving.

If your weight loss slows, check how many sugars you are getting after 3pm. One item might be yogurt…

Variety! It is not only the spice of life but will keep you losing weight. Don’t get stuck in a “chicken and broccoli” rut – eating the same foods over and over again because it is easy or convenient. Your body, mind and stomach will quickly get bored often leading to binging or stopping healthy eating all together. Take It Off offers a tremendous variety of food options and any spice can be used as long as there is no sugar or salt added to the product.

Weekly recipe cards can be the inspiration for new dishes. Members can exchange other proteins, fruits or vegetables into the recipes to make completely new dishes. Just make sure to double-check your journal for the proper portion sizes.

Mix up your exercise once in a while – take a new group exercise class, swim in the pool or try a different cardio machine to change things up. Normally run on the treadmill or the same path each week? Get a local map (many towns and states have bike and recreation maps) and take a new route for a change of scenery.

On your next trip to the grocery store invest in a good set of 1 cup Ziploc containers. Then schedule in times to pre package foods for the week. Having veggies, starches, cooked proteins, etc. all ready packaged to go will make mornings easier. It can also make the difference between eating a healthy lunch and having to scour the market or a local fast food place for plan options.

If you like to eat out, start collecting menus from the places you frequent. You can highlight those meals that fall within the plan guidelines and you will always have a quick reference in case someone else is getting the order.

Check restaurant websites before you go. They often post healthy options. This will also clue you in onto what temptations the menu might have and you can preplan to avoid them.