Project Description

John Lederer lost 20 pounds!

I may be a little old to have such young children; two girls age 3 and 6. I was nearing my 48th birthday and starting to look and feel considerably middle-aged. Plus, at 217 pounds and just 5 feet 11 inches, I was quickly heading from overweight to obese. My doctor was advising me to drop the pounds, get more exercise, and adjust my diet to lower my cholesterol.

However, compelling the objective facts of my physical status may have been, nothing was more compelling than the math. By the time my youngest daughter will be out of college (God and 529-plan willing) I’ll be at lest 66. If I hope to see my grandkids (and I do), I will need to stick around to well into my 70s. Boxed in by family histories of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, it is clear that I can only make it with some concerted effort and luck. The luck is beyond my control, but the lifestyle choices are my responsibility.

My wife, who also has a vested interest in seeing me live a long and healthy life, was the one who brought the Take If Off Program to my attention. At first, I was resistant, probably because it was her idea, and not mine. But eventually I came to realize that now was the time to do something. I inquired.

I have to say that I approach dieting with some skepticism. I have always understood that the hardest part of losing weight is not loosing the pounds, but changing your lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off. This program focuses on learning new life behaviors to mange your weight better.

So I started in and made rapid progress, loosing the first ten pounds by the end of the first month. In time, I began to realize that while loosing weight was not a lot fun, and I often felt deprived and missed my comfort foods, I could do it.

By the end of my 12 weeks, I had lost 20 pounds and was down to 197, exceeding my goal to get below 200 pounds. I had lost a total of five inches-three off my waist, one off my hips, and one off my chest. I looked and felt better; people noticed that I had lost weight. Plus, my cholesterol numbers were down. As an added bonus, I qualified for a preferred rate on a life insurance policy, something I would not have been able to do previously.

But by far, the biggest benefit has been my self-image, more specifically, my resolve. I know how important it is to me to see my children grow, and become happy and productive adults. But now, I also know that I am capable of doing whatever I need to do to make sure this happens, including changing ingrained and unhealthy personal behaviors. I am confident in my ability to do all that I reasonably can to stay healthy. With a little luck, I will be there to see my kids become adults, and maybe have some quality time withy my grandchildren.

It has been one month since I ended the program and has maintained my new lower weight. I still have more weight to lose, and my plan is to start dieting again, after the holidays. I would definitely recommend the Take It Off Program to anyone who, like me, is interested in learning some simple behaviors that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Behaviors they can learn and retain for the rest of their lives.

– John Lederer
Seattle, WA