Project Description

  • Lost 50 pounds!

  • The program was easy to follow

  • Key to success – daily journal and eating protein bars

I have battled a weight problem for as long as I can remember. I have been successful in the short term with some diets, but have never been able to keep the weight off.  When Carol Bruce told me she was looking into a new weight loss program called “Take It Off” for Momentum to start at the beginning of 2014, I was really excited.  I spend my winters in Florida, so when I returned in April, I contacted Carol to see when I could get started.

We met on April 9th.  Carol fully explained the program, and I started that same day. One of the main components of this program is a daily journal of everything you eat. I have been on other diets where you had to journal, but I never did. This program also encourages you to eat their protein bars for your morning and afternoon snacks. They come in many different flavors and are quite good.

I meet weekly with Carol, and with her support and guidance, I have now lost 50 pounds. These meetings, keeping a daily journal, and eating the protein bars have been key to my success thus far. This program has been easy to follow, and Carol has been able to answer any questions I’ve had.

I have more weight to lose, and, therefore, my journey continues. I am confident that with Carol’s encouragement, I can meet my goal. Then the hard work of maintaining my weight loss begins, but I know that Carol and Momentum will be there to assist me.