Project Description

Deborah Gordon lost 50 pounds!

Its not about the finish line anymore… its about the journey.

My story is a familiar one. Here’s the deal. Once I set my mind to diet, I am great at losing weight, and then, great at gaining weight back. Why? Because hitting the goal is one achievement, and living the process of getting there, is another one altogether. So here I was, gearing up for another round of weight loss, finding a new and different program that I could commit to, and run with.

So I began Take It Off, like all the other programs in the past, very determined, but largely as a means to an end. I wanted to look great for the reunion, that family gathering, that vacation. Forward march, I was ready, game on.

So now for the journey. Okay, so fresh foods – check, all classic pyramid choices – check, controlled portions – check, water – check, exercise – check. Then I stumbled upon the unexpected, the…key the pace. In all my years of “dieting”, I would measure, count, chart, bank, and then splurge, but not necessarily pace. But this plan was different. This plan took the heat out of “meal” time, in favor of holding onto this even level of satiation. So, I found, much to my surprise, that if I ate rather frequently, according to the plan choices, I could actually manage without that all too familiar “hunger rage”, when in the past, all my best intentions were thrown to the wind. So what does this mean? It means that I could actually plan and get ahead of the hunger wave. This was terrific! I could feel the difference immediately: steadier energy, and that beloved feeling of being in control.

I could do this and take my show on the road. Out to dinner with friends, camping, traveling on vacation…anywhere. The more I branched out into real life, the more I felt that this was possible, as long as I had my master plan, I was in for the long haul!

I loved meeting weekly with my coach. The one on one relationship really felt like there was a person who was there just for me. It was not only about the weigh in, but processing how I managed my week. I exercise frequently and found that the stronger I felt, the healthier I felt, and the more determined I felt. It’s a wonderful circle of self-appreciation!
And so I kept my journal for 24 weeks on the program and lost 50 pounds!

So what’s next? Well, I felt as though I simply must share this wonderful experience with others. I became trained as the Take It Off coach at the JCC, health & fitness facility. The more enthusiastic the response, the more clients I coached. I have even coached our past 2 spokespersons! I have been coaching for the Take if Off Program for over a year, and love working with clients to achieve success. This success, I have come to learn, doesn’t always look or sound the same. I am humbled each and every day by clients who all come in from all different directions, seeking to lose weight, and gain back a better self.

Feeling a sense of control, managing choices, and becoming a healthier and stronger self – reveals the champion in us all – and if we also lose weight in the process, now that’s the prize! It can be done – and it is for life. It is entirely possible.

Its not just about the finish line anymore, its about living the process of getting there – that’s the triumph.

– Deborah Gordon
Newton, MA