Project Description

Meredith Johnsen unlocked the secret to health maintenance

I decided to participate in the Take if Off Weight Loss Program because I was frustrated with adhering to what I believed to be a well-balanced, healthy diet, and yielding less than favorable results in maintaining a healthy, and comfortable weight for my body. My desire was to not only lose 15 pounds of body fat for a leaner, fitter look, but to fuel my body more efficiently for athletic performance. (I am an amateur, competitive cyclist and group fitness instructor) The program seemed well suited for everyone especially for me, an active, endurance athlete, who requires more frequent, nutritionally sound and balanced meals. Having 2 snacks a day offered me more stable blood sugar, and eliminated most cravings and overeating that occurs when I would go too long without eating. I do not feel deprived at all. If anything, I feel like I eat more prior to starting the Take it off Program. This program offered me the flexibility in selecting a variety of nutritious whole foods. For me, that offered me a lifestyle rearranging change, rather than a calorie-restrictive, food-group banning, quick fix solution to a life-long challenge. This program is so satisfying, that it is a program that I feel that I can follow forever, without the worry of weight gain.

I have a new strategy about nutrition and how I will continue to fuel my engine by following this program FOREVER! I have lost weight, my clothes fit well, and I am more confident, because I feel great everyday. I have experienced a positive change in my perspective on life. I would describe this program as a natural approach to mood elevation and stability. I certainly have a feeling of more vitality, and do not experience the afternoon dip in energy levels. I sleep better. I no longer experience cravings for sugar. I feel full faster, so I naturally eat less, especially at dinnertime. I am no longer distracted by my body image. I am confident that this program will offer me a life long feeling optimism regarding my nutritional requirements for health and wellness. I am thrilled beyond belief that at 46 years old, I have unlocked that secret to health maintenance. The final element is finally in place.

My advice to anyone who is interested in finally saying “good-bye” to temporary results and “hello” to life long success, should commit to this program. Anyone who adheres to the simplicity of this program can only succeed both physically and mentally in his or her pursuit of health. Results are gradual, but reliable and suddenly you realize how effortless the program really is to follow.

This is the program for all who seek the truth regarding the marriage between nutrition and activity for optimal health. This program is also for all those who want to break free from the bondage of our unbalanced, poorly planned meals that leave most wondering “where have I gone wrong again?” The “Take It Off Program” is my answer to that question. One simply cannot fail, and the bonus is that you take it off for good!

– Meredith Johnsen
Oceanport, NJ