The Take It Off Medical Advisory Board is comprised of Board Certified and world-renowned nutritionists who aid in the creation and ongoing development of Take It Off Products. Utilizing their years of medical experience, in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements in medical research and nutritional supplementation, the Board provides invaluable insight that keeps Take It Off on the forefront of product innovation and delivering on our commitment to helping you take it off and keep it off.

Dr. Dennis Jones
Dr. Dennis JonesNutritionist and Pharmacognosist
Dr. Dennis Jones is a nutritionist and pharmacognosist in South Burlington, Vermont, where he currently is Vice President, Scientific Affairs, of Bariatrix Nutrition (a company that designs, develops and manufactures nutritional products) and of Somalabs (a company that creates innovative Dietary Supplements based on pharmacognostical principles)
Dr. Jeannie Peck, TN, FNC
Dr. Jeannie Peck, TN, FNCTraditional Naturopath, Functional Nutrition Clinician, MRT/LEAP Clinician, Licensed Massage Therapist
Jeannie Peck has worked and studied in the natural health field for over 20 years. She studied at Clayton College of Natural Health and Pan American University’s School of Natural Medicine earning her degree as Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM). She has attended many specialty certification courses including Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Mastering the Thyroid, Gluten Intolerance and Leaky Gut, Laboratory Assessments, Herbal and Mineral Medicines, and Jin Shin Jyutsu®. She is a Sanctified Healer and vested in the sanctuary of Knighthood with the Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope, SMOCH, an international medical missionary organization that provides medical needs around the world. She has committed herself to serving the needs of the community and living a life of the Beatitudes.

Jeannie teaches people how to improve health conditions using nutrition and natural modalities. Her additional certifications include Jin Shin Jyutsu® Student Practitioner, often referred to as needle-less acupuncture, and Self Help Instructor. She is a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor, a certified Self Help Instructor with the Arthritis Foundation, and holds a lifetime certification through the Health Preservation Association teaching Tai Chi and Qigong for Wellness programs.

Jeannie provides functional assessments of hormone, digestion, intestinal barrier, immune, food sensitivities, Lyme disease, and detoxification systems. She addresses the underlying cause of symptoms associated with these systems with simple healthy lifestyle changes and professional supplementation.

Dr. John Sklare
Dr. John SklareNutritionist
Dr. John H. Sklare received his doctorate in counseling from Northern Illinois University. He spent 15 years of his professional life seeing patients in private practice during which time he also served as a member of a medical team providing pre and post psychological services to surgical patients. He has served as a consultant to business and industry doing personality assessments and compatibility evaluations, taught psychology and learning theory to both graduate and undergraduate students, conducted numerous workshops and seminars on a variety of topics and has appeared on both radio and television. Dr. Sklare presently writes the “Daily Reflection” wellness message for and is a contributing author for the ASBP Medical Journal and the ASBP Newsletter. In addition, he consults with Doctors, Dietitians and Corporate Wellness Programs on wellness, motivation, the psychology of lifestyle change and weight management. Dr. Sklare is also the author of The Inner Diet.
Mark Bublitz
Mark BublitzCertified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor
Mark Bublitz, owner of H2O Energy Flow, chose a healthier lifestyle at the age of 50 when his doctor caught his attention with a diagnosis of high cholesterol.

Bublitz started on a path of research by spending more time at a health food store, Karen’s Energy, in West Bend, where he met the owner Karen Urbanek, a natural health and nutrition guru. Urbanek naturally became his teacher, in 2013, and helped Bublitz become a certified therapeutic nutritional counselor through the Association of Natural Health.

Energy and water had the biggest effect on his new direction and were the two subjects he thought about the least in his former life.

Mark stated that, “Up until the high cholesterol diagnosis, I ate the standard American diet. The doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medication. I found that the increase in blood pressure may have been due to the cholesterol medication. In the conventional medical model, it seemed like one pill leads to another until you have a basketful”. Mark decided it was time for him to look at alternative health choices. he realized, “Unlike the conventional medical model, the holistic approach looks at a person’s lifestyle.”

Mark’s research led him to the discovery of the importance of the quality of the water you drink. he found a specific kind of water that was uniquely imprinted with high-frequency energy. he found this water to be so effective he began bottling it.

Bublitz learned that the process described as “frequency imprinting,” is where the water itself starts out with nature’s energy because it is drawn from a local spring. it is then put through a scientifically engineered method that is used to energize the water’s minerals and break down their molecules as they can penetrate into the body’s cells more readily.

This made sense to Bublitz because he had an interest in energy frequencies because of his education with the Association of Natural Health. Mark realized that bottling the water would allow him to share the benefits that many people would enjoy.

Bublitz also found that chronic dehydration is the root cause of all physical disease and that many degenerative diseases can be prevented and treated by increasing water intake. he found this theory supported by Dr. Feregdoon Batmanghelidj (“Dr. Batman”), an Iranian physician and author of the book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”

Mark has received many testimonials and positive feedback from his customers as evidence of the water’s benefits, which he says are unique to each individual that tries it. “Most people don’t drink enough water and instead drink things that dehydrate them. They don’t realize that you are not just what you eat; you are also what you drink. I want to promote the importance of drinking water, in general; for instance, to help kids choose water first, rather than soda.”