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About the Take It Off Program


Healthy eating, moderate exercise and one-on-one coaching - it’s that simple. Use grocery store foods and quick recipes to create your own flavorful meals. Dieting is history – a healthy lifestyle puts you in charge of your future!

Long-Term Results

The 12-week program is offered at licensed health club locations throughout North America. Participants who follow the program can lose up to 25 lbs. during the 12-weeks. Certified Take It Off Coaches provide one-on-one coaching to participants throughout their program to keep them motivated and on-track. READ MORE ->>>


Notice the first 3 letters of the word “diet” compared to the first 4 letters of the word “lifestyle”. Positive changes in your lifestyle lead to both immediate weight loss and lasting success. Break free from diets and lose weight the healthy way.

Client Success!

The success of the Take It Off Program is founded on one thing; client success. We know that participants want the immediate gratification of watching the scale go down but that they also need a program that creates long-term weight loss. The Take It Off Program accomplishes both short and long-term weight loss by following three specific philosophies: READ MORE ->>>

Healthy Eating Plan

Weight loss is a calories-in, calories-out equation. When you consume fewer calories than your body expends in a day, you will lose weight. The challenge, however, is preventing hunger while trying to restrict calories.

Not just healthy eating

The solution is following an eating plan that encourages choosing foods that are high-density, low-calorie while avoiding high-calorie, low-density. While this approach is the best for weight loss it causes confusion for some dieters. READ MORE->>

Exercise for Life.

For adults 80% of successful weight loss is the result of following the right eating plan. However, 80% of successful weight maintenance is the result of regular exercise.

No Yo-Yo Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons people yo-yo with their weight is because they only diet; therefore, when they go “off” the diet and caloric input increases the weight gradually returns. READ MORE ->>

Understanding the Weight Loss Market

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Club Testimonials

The Take It Off Program has provided my Clubs the opportunity to offer a proven weight loss program to our members as well as become known throughout our community as a Center for individuals that are challenged by their weight.

The Atlantic Clubs have had countless success stories for both men and women and are looking forward to launch a Take It Off Older Teen Program in 2010.

The Take it Off Weight Loss Program has positively changed the lives of many members as well as non-members due to their success in this program. We look forward to increasing our levels of success in the months ahead!

Patricia Laus, Owner and CEO - The Atlantic Clubs, NJ
“This is a no-brainer for clubs!”
Florence Auld, The Women’s Club, VA
Greater Boston Jewish Community Center List the top 5 TIO perks for health clubs:

The TIO program is the missing link to health clubs
It’s a direct feed into your PT program
Generates revenue through membership to the program, PT and product sales
Since exercise is required on the program we see an increase not only in PT but also in class attendance
Members really like the 1 on 1 accountability

This program changes lives…

Rachel Abelow, Greater Boston JCC, MA