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Marybeth Starkey lost 35 pounds!

It was time to do something for myself.
In September 2013 I sent my last child to college and decided it was time to do something for myself.  I went “gym hunting” and ended up at […]

Pat Payne lost 50 pounds!

I have battled a weight problem for as long as I can remember. I have been successful in the short term with some diets, but have never been able to keep the weight off.  When […]

Abbey Perkins

Abbey Perkins lost 72 pounds
I didn’t have the benefit of gaining weight later in life. I’ve always been a big girl growing up food was unconditional love. I ate when I was happy and sad. […]

Keith Laidler

Keith Laidler lost 25 pounds!
Pride and shame are both great motivators. Why aren’t they enough when it comes to losing weight? When my wife and I retired and moved to Holland, Michigan in 2007, I […]

Nolan Harris

Nolan Harris lost 70 pounds
The Take It Off Weight Loss Program has been a life changing experience for me! I’ve lost approximately 70 pounds and several coat and pants sizes since starting the program. I […]

Deborah Gordon

Deborah Gordon lost 50 pounds!
Its not about the finish line anymore… its about the journey.

My story is a familiar one. Here’s the deal. Once I set my mind to diet, I am great at losing […]

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