Take It Off Weight Loss Program

About the Take It Off Program


Take It Off is a weight loss program that incorporates healthy eating, regular exercise and one-on-one coaching to create long-term results. Participants utilize grocery store foods and simple, quick recipes to make food preparation easy yet flavorful.

The 12-week program is offered at licensed health club locations throughout North America. Participants who follow the program can lose up to 25 lbs. during the 12-weeks.

Certified Take It Off Coaches provide one-on-one coaching to participants throughout their program to keep them motivated and on-track. For those wanting to lose more weight than can be obtained during the 12-week program re-enrollment in a second term is encouraged.


The success of the Take It Off Program is founded on one thing; client success. We know that participants want the immediate gratification of watching the scale go down but that they also need a program that creates long-term weight loss. The Take It Off Program accomplishes both short and long-term weight loss by following three specific philosophies:

1. Healthy Weight Loss eating plan, not just healthy eating.

Weight loss is a calories-in, calories-out equation. When you consume fewer calories than your body expends in a day, you will lose weight. The challenge, however, is preventing hunger while trying to restrict calories. The solution is following an eating plan that encourages choosing foods that are high-density, low-calorie while avoiding high-calorie, low-density. While this approach is the best for weight loss it causes confusion for some dieters. For example, during the Take It Off weight loss phase nuts are not an option--even almonds, which are a great source of omegas. The reason for this is because all nuts are very high in calories and provide very little satiation (feeling of fullness). So, although nuts are considered a "healthy" snack and can be re-incorporated once someone has achieved their goal, avoiding nuts during the weight loss phase is best. This is the difference between simply following a healthy eating plan versus a health weight loss plan.

The bottom line is that the Take It Off program does "remove" certain food items from your eating choices to maximize weight loss while maintaining a feeling of fullness. As always, it is the participants' choice as to whether they wish to follow these guidelines but doing so will result in a greater level of success.

To help clients achieve optimal success on the program, Take It Off offers healthy, tasty, in between meal snacks and shakes. These handy snacks provide satiation, help clients stay in control and come in a variety of flavors to satisfy most palates!

2. Exercise for Life.

For adults 80% of successful weight loss is the result of following the right eating plan. However, 80% of successful weight maintenance is the result of regular exercise. In fact, one of the biggest reasons people yo-yo with their weight is because they only diet; therefore, when they go "off" the diet and caloric input increases the weight gradually returns. Regular exercise provides the extra needed caloric expenditure that prevents weight re-gain. And this is why Take It Off partners with quality health clubs; because these facilities provide the instruction, programs and equipment necessary to prevent boredom and make exercise a way of life.

3. Accountability.

Having the right information about a healthy weight loss plan and the facilities to work out in are necessary elements for weight loss success. Most people, however, aren't lacking access to these elements; what is missing is their ability to stick with a program. Having someone to be accountable to can make a big difference. That is why the Take It Off Program incorporates one-on-one coaching. Meeting with your coach once or twice weekly provides the focus, motivation and inspiration necessary to stay on track.


How can I participate in the Take It Off Program?

Go to the section of this website entitled "Licensed Locations" and see if there is a health club near where you live who offers the program. Make an appointment to visit the facility and meet with a Take It Off Coach for a free consultation.

Can I still do the program if I'm not a member of the health club?

Yes, all licensed locations allow non-members to participate in the program and most will offer you the ability to add a short-term membership option to the program if you are not currently exercising somewhere.

Would anything prevent me from doing the Take It Off Program?

Certain medical conditions may prevent someone from participating in the program but assuming you do not have any significant medical issues most people can do the program.

What if there isn't a licensed provider in my geographic area?

At the moment the Take It Off Program can only be delivered at a licensed facility. You can contact your local health club and suggest they look into offering the program.

Can I do the program without exercising?

Unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from exercising, we prefer that participants engage in regular exercise in conjunction with the Take It Off Program. Remember that it is the regular exercise that will maintain weight loss. By exercising throughout your program the goal is to make it a habit by the end of the three months.

How much does the program cost?

This varies by location. Please contact your local provider to obtain this information. Every provider offers free, no-obligation consultations that allow you to learn the details of the program to determine if it is right for you.

Can I do the program at home?

Because one-on-one coaching is one of the primary elements to the program you need to visit with your Take It Off Coach at least once a week. This is usually done at the health club or in some instances at a workplace that is offering Take It Off at Work.

What if I already belong to another gym?

No problem. You can still work out at your existing health club but visit the Take It Off provider on the days you have your coaching sessions.

Will I have to buy prepared food?

The Take It Off Program does not sell pre-packaged meals because we want you to learn how to prepare healthy, delicious, quick meals on your own (or by your significant other) so you can maintain your healthy eating plan for life. The program does utilize high quality snacks, which include protein bars, shakes, and drinks that are used in-between meals. These portion controlled items allow participants to satiate their need for sweet and salty foods without the concern of over-indulging.

Does this program involve group meetings?

The program utilizes one-on-one coaching to allow for the greatest level of personal attention and flexibility for your schedule. Some facilities may offer group meetings as an additional level of support and education but you are not required to attend these.

Will I have to eat different food from my family?

Absolutely NOT; in fact one of the goals of the Take It Off Program is to help your entire family become healthier. As a result all of the recipes and foods used with the program are family friendly. This ensures you won't have to prepare one meal for yourself and another for your family.

Will I have to buy foods to supplement my program?

All of your meals utilize grocery store foods. You can continue to use whatever grocer you prefer. You will have two in-between meal snacks each day and your licensed provider offers a full line of bars, shakes and drinks that are specifically designed to keep you full, satiate your desire for sweets and maximize your weight loss success.